Victorian Walking Canes

Victorian Walking Canes
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Accessories can really add a lovely finishing touch to an outfit and these Victorian walking canes are just perfect!

Some people stress over the best steampunk weapon or hat and goggles to finish off their outfit, but a vintage walking cane is a great idea.

Many just don’t think of using a cane so you can add your unique style to your outfit whether you’re male of female.

These decorative walking canes are beautiful from the wooden hand carved canes to the brass handles and Gothic designs.   A perfect addition to your Steampunk wardrobe.

There are some beautiful Victorian walking sticks to choose from…..

 Victorian Era Glass Knob 37 Inch Wooden Walking Stick Victorian Walking Stick 37” Vintage Ebony Black Wooden Cane Cane in Natural Wood with a Brass Handle – Elegant Walking Cane Victorian Walking Stick Wooden Shaft Brass Handle 35 In. Vintage Victorian Style Solid Brass Handle Carved Twist Wood Walking Stick Nickel and Brass Big Scroll Victorian Style Cane

Although I usually only see Steampunk gentlemen sporting these canes I have seen a couple of ladies pull this accessory off with aplomb!

I do have to add two more walking sticks to this collection (seeing as this blog is about everything Steampunk) – a Steampunk cane. Not your traditional Victorian walking cane, but it still does the job beautifully and really can you have too many gears and cogs on your Steampunk accessories?

 Walking Cane Stick With Working Steam Engine Model Steampunk Cane

Vintage, Victorian Walking Canes

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Steampunk Apothecary Bottles & Printable Apothecary Labels

Steampunk Apothecary Bottles & Printable Apothecary LabelsSteampunk apothecary bottles were an essential part of the traveling medicine shows that were a colorful part of the wild west in the late 1800s.  You can find printable apothecary labels to pop on these bottles to mimic whatever snake oil you want to sell.

A traveling medicine man is certainly an interesting costume choice for any steampunk occasion.

These apothecary bottles and labels also make great pieces of steampunk inspired home decor or could even be used as props for a Halloween party.

Whatever the reason that you want some antique apothecary bottles you’ve come to the right place for a great selection, in a hurry?

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Contents At A Glance

Steampunk Apothecary Bottles | Apothecary Sets for Steampunk Decor | Steampunk Apothecary Labels | Printable Vintage Steampunk Apothecary Labels | Halloween Steampunk Apothecary Labels

Steampunk Apothecary Bottles

If you’ve ever seen a movie based in the wild west (or a television show) that features a travelling medicine show you’ll remember the clink sound in the wagon – that’s caused by the collection of glass bottles.

No matter what miracle cure you’re spruiking you want to make sure that the bottles are glass or you can’t call them Steampunk (or Victorian or antique for that matter!)

 8 oz. Clear Apothecary Glass Bottle with Cork Spherical Glass Bottle with Glass Stopper Square Clear Glass Bottle with Cork

Of course most of the vintage glass apothecary bottles weren’t clear, they were mostly brown or green so these antique glass bottles are a much more perfect fit –

 16 oz Amber Glass Boston Round Bottle with Cork Stopper Antique Styled Glass Apothecary Bottles (Green), (Set of 12) Apothecary Recycled Glass Bottle with Glass Top, Dark Amber Red Glass Bottle Apothecary Style with Cork (Teardrop) Gold Mercury Finish Boutique Glass Bottle, Medium 8 oz Cobalt Blue Glass Boston Round Bottle with Cork Stopper

Of course if you’re looking for some apothecary bottles for a touch of steampunk home decor (or as props for Halloween or a steampunk gathering) then you might want to look at some of the apothecary sets that are available.

Apothecary Sets for Steampunk Decor

These sets are perfect for adding a touch of steampunk with some Victoriana inspired or steampunk inspired labels.

 Clear Glass Apothecary Jars- 3 Piece Set of 4 Clear Glass Apothecary Jars Set of 3 Deluxe Apothecary Jar Set

Just add the perfect label and fill with whatever you want. If you’re using them as a ‘prop’ for Halloween party you could add bliss balls or skittles (or other confectionery) with a name like Lung Elixir or Steampunk Apothecary Labels on Glass Apothecary BottlesGood Health Tonic. Alternatively decant liquors like Blue Curacao into them and label them with Dr Smythe’s Amazing Medicine and add shots to glasses to make cocktails.

As home decor you can also have a lot of fun with them, the labels and contents can depend on what part of your home you display these apothecary jars in.

Steampunk Apothecary Labels

There are a variety of steampunk apothecary labels that you can buy in packs and just stick on to bottles or jars to create your very own ‘medicine kit’ for our own travelling medicine show.   One good thing about these labels is that you can get them with names already on them (very handy if you’re not good at thinking up names).

The image of the two bottles (above) show a couple of different types of steampunk labels that you can buy which I think are pretty cool.  Here’s a few available to purchase –

 Halloween steampunk apothecary large bottle labels stickers laminated ready to use Large colorful steampunk grunge apothecary bottle labels for Halloween (set of 6) Steampunk inspired apothecary bottle label stickers (set of 6) for Halloween

Printable Vintage Steampunk Apothecary Labels

Of course you can always get your own printable apothecary labels and I think this is the way to go.   You download them which means you can print them off as many times as you like and there are lots of them to choose from.

>>>Go Straight to Printable Apothecary Labels<<<

I like the blank ones that you see here, as they can be used to label every day things in your cupboard as well as Halloween props and your Victorian inspired apothecary bottles.

 Editable Blank Steampunk Apothecary Bottle Labels Blank Apothecary Labels Printable for Jars & Bottles

There are lots of other steampunk or vintage inspired printable labels for apothecary bottles available and I’ve selected three of my favorites for you to choose from.

 Dr Fraud’s Apothecary Tags, Instant Download,printable images 15 Large Apothecary Bottle Labels for instant download Downloadable Steampunk Apothecary Labels for Jars & Bottles

Halloween Steampunk Apothecary Labels

Really ‘spook’ things up this Halloween with these next labels on some apothecary bottles. This downloadable printable has 8 creepy specimen jar style of labels with macabre images of scorpions, skulls etc – check them out….

 Halloween printable labels Gothic Macabre Apothecary Specimen jar tags and labels collage sheet

Steampunk Apothecary Bottles and Steampunk Apothecary Labels

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Steampunk Jackets for Men

Steampunk Jackets for MenA Steampunk jacket or Steampunk coat is a great starting point for when you’re looking at putting together a men’s Steampunk costume.

There are a few different options you can go with from a long duster coat to a Victorian gentleman’s blazer or even a military style jacket.   You just have to decide on what style of Steampunker you want to be.

Couple your coat or jacket with a shirt and/or vest, Victorian style trousers and accessorize with a hat, goggles and Steampunk boots.   Your adventure awaits…..

Long Steampunk Coats

Victorian Coats for an Aristocratic Gentleman

A decadent Victorian coat is the best kind of Steampunk jacket to choose if you’re going for an aristocratic Steampunk gentleman. The first one of these coats that I’ve found for you has the aristocratic swallow tails that were worn by Victorian & neo Victorian gentleman to special occasions from a night at the opera to a wedding.

When choosing a long coat/jacket you still want freedom of movement which is why a swallow tail dress coat is a great choice. Originally developed to allow gentlemen to more easily ride a horse it also helps you to jump into hot air balloon baskets while on one of your thrilling Steampunk adventures.

The second option is a Victorian 4 piece tuxedo long coat which also has a swallow tail. It also comes with a false vest set which is a nice touch, it has a dark romantic Goth vibe to it as well which can be good for the Steampunk man of mystery look.

The third option that I’ve selected for you is an Inverness Dress Coat which reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and is definitely a Victorian themed cloak coat that suggests you’ll be solving mysteries during your adventures.

 Steampunk Men’s Grim Long Coat with Swallow Tail Elegant Aristocrat Victorian False 4pcs Tuxedo Long Coat Historical Emporium Men’s 100% Wool Inverness Dress Cloak Gray / Black

Full Length Men’s Steampunk Coat

The Steampunk Duster Coat

 Men’s Steampunk Duster Coat, Black, One Size Costume

I always think of a duster coat as something from the wild, wild west which in my mind (due to watching lots of western movies growing up) means adventure.

As Steampunk is all about going on adventures then a Steampunk Duster coat certainly seems like a great idea don’t you think?

This duster coat is perfect for a men’s Steampunk costume as all you need to add to it is a hat, a belt, a pair of Steampunk boots and (if you wanted) a pair of goggles. Costume complete!

Military Inspired Steampunk Jackets for Men

Dress Like an Officer

If you like the military style then you could dress as though you were a member of the Imperial Air Force, commanding an airship and fighting for good.   A buttoned guard coat or a Steampunk Generals jacket are ideal for this look and I just so happen to have found a few ideas for you right here –

 Mens Double Breasted Slim Fit Jacket Blazer RED Steampunk General Men’s Ascot, Shirt & Jacket Banned Men’s Military Jacket in Black

The middle option is actually more than just a Steampunk jacket, it includes the shirt with attached vest and the hat. I had to include it because I do love the Steampunk General’s style of jacket and I haven’t been able to source it on it’s own.

The other two jackets are very military inspired and either would make a great basis for a Steampunk cosstume.

More Steampunk Jackets for Men

Men’s Steampunk Clothing Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your Steampunk style and brought your jacket/coat then you need to couple this with the rest of your costume from Victorian style trousers to boots and more.

A great little accessory for a perfect Steampunk costume for a guy is a pocket watch. Lots of people have the goggles and the gun power, but the pocket watch shows you’re a serious Steampunker in my opinion.

Before you go let me leave you with a few more Steampunk jackets to look at ……

 Steampunk Dandy Bias Victorian Wool Blend Coat for Man Steampunk Dandy Double-breasted Wool Blend Coat Man’s Slim fit 8 Button Front Blazer Jacket

All of these can be the basis for an absolutely fabulous Steampunk outfit, but of course you can always just buy a complete Steampunk ready to wear costume if you prefer!

Steampunk Jackets for Men

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Steampunk Boots | Steampunk Shoes

Steampunk Footwear for Women

Steampunk boots and shoesIf there’s one thing a lady needs it’s shoes and if you’re putting together a Steampunk outfit then you need to find that perfect Steampunk shoe – or boot. Exactly what is it that makes a shoe or boot Steampunk? Well after reading this page you’ll find some fabulous Steampunk footwear and all of your questions should be answered!

Steampunk is in essence a celebration of an alternative history where steam not computers is king, it has it’s origins in Victorian era science fiction and so incorporates a lot of Industrial Revolution influences. As a movement, however, Steampunk actually has it’s roots in the 1980s not the 1880s and so we see this influence in the use of stiletto heels.

The Steampunk boot and Steampunk shoe featured in this introduction image are great examples of Steampunk footwear so buckle yourself in as we look for the perfect footwear to match your Steampunk outfit.

Victorian Boots

Victorian Boots are Great Components of Steampunk Fashion

 Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Victorian-Black

If you’re looking for a plain pair of boots that you can wear with other clothes as well as with your Steampunk wardrobe then you should consider getting some Victorian Granny boots.

This pair is a classic design which can be worn well with jeans, skirts or to complete your Seampunk costume. When I was a teen during the 80s we used to call this style Granny boots, these days we call them vintage!

The thick 2.5” heel is very Victorian in feel and it’s plain enough to be used for a Steampunk lady, Steampunk pirate or Steampunk adventurer.

The rounded toes also help to make these a pair of boots that you can wear all day without getting sore feet which is always handy – although we do suffer for fashion, isn’t it nice when we don’t have to?

There are other Victorian style boots that you can get which are not plain as well and they include the gilded ones featured below as well as two toned ones, both styles really make a statement. Here’s a few that really wouldn’t be out of place as part of any Steampunk costume –

 Victorian Granny Boots Lace Accent Women’s Victorian-45 Boot,Gold/Black Women’s Flora-1023 Ankle Boot,White/Black Women’s Two Tone Victorian Boots Vivianna Red Womens Ankle Boots Women’s Lace Victorian Ankle Boot

Boots started off the Victorian era with small thick heels that looked like the gilded look boots as well as the classic black boots above, they also had rounded toes. Towards the 1890s was when we started to see higher heels emerging.

Unmistakably Steampunk Boots

Boots That Say I’m Steampunk & I’m Proud!

Wearing Victorian boots is all well and good, but what about some of the gorgeous Steampunk boots that are available? As Steampunk starts to weave it’s way into popular fashion cog by cog we’re starting to see more and more Steampunk boots becoming available commercially.

Steampunk boots are often recognized because of lots of straps (they just seem more adventurous that way!) and/or cogs and buckles being incorporated. The buckles stem from the Victorian influences again and the cogs are reminiscent of the machinery of the Industrial Revolution which changed the way society lived and made us imagine a future run on steam.

These are the Steampunk boots I’ve featured in the introduction image and a few more gorgeous examples…

 Steampunk Buckle Platform Boot

Although you can’t see from this image there’s actually a zip on the other side of the boot so that you can easily pull it on and off without having to undo all of these buckles and laces.

The cog detailing on the boot cuffs is what really highlights the Steampunk fashion side of these boots and it’s matched beautifully by the fabric on the inside which is also patterned in a cog design.

Moving onto the next pair of Gothic boots (below) – this clunky style of Steampunk ankle boots really say ‘don’t mess with me’ don’t they?

These boots are ideal for an adventurer costume where you want to portray capability and they really have a touch of punk attitude to them, along with the cog detailing that is.

This next pair of boots are mid calf Steampunk boots and (in my opinion) are perfect for a Steampunk pirate type of costume, the bronze sprocket gear detailing makes sure that these boots will definitely stand out from the crowd.

I love ankle boots as they are so versatile to wear with different costumes and these Steampunk ankle boots are no different.

These are a zip up boot which look really comfy (and reviewers have confirmed this). They have cog detailing which helps it stand out and even the fabric on the inside of the boot has a cog design on it which I really like.


 Chunky Heel Steampunk Ankle Boots Demonia Women’s Tesla Boots Women’s Steampunk Ankle Boot with Clogs

Steampunk Boot or Steampunk Shoe?

What About Having Both?

If you can’t decide whether or not you want to get a pair of boots or a pair of shoes for your Steampunk outfit then you’ll love these –

 Women’s Convertible Pump

These boots look absolutely gorgeous with the lace at the front, the vintage buckle, brass looking buckles on the sides and the corset style lace up back, but they also hide a surprise.

If you untie the laces at the back you can lift off the upper part of the boot to reveal a vintage style shoe underneath. The shoe still has the buckle detail on a Mary Jane style strap.

It’s certainly handy to have a pair of these that enable you to go from a Steampunk pirate costume to a Steampunk lady of the manor with only one pair of footwear, however if you really want more you can just keep scrolling down as I’ve discovered some utterly awesome shoes…..

Steampunk Shoes for Women

Now as the fashion industry is starting to take more and more notice of Steampunk there are lots of so called Steampunk shoes being released such as the stunning Ripley Peep Toe Steampunk Pump in Viper (often available on Amazon) which are gorgeous shoes, but really don’t say Steampunk at all.

So let’s look at some of the shoes that I think are Steampunk and we’ll start with the one I’ve featured in the introduction image –

 Steampunk Adult Shoes in brown Demonia by Pleaser Women’s Ballet Flat Women’s Tesla-03 Pump in Black

Victorian Inspired High Heel Shoes

Gorgeous Heels for Your Steampunk Wardrobe

I found a couple of high heel shoes that I feel are more inspired by Victorian fashion influences than the Industrial Revolution influences and I think they’re both gorgeous so if you don’t want a lot of cogs and steam powered influences check out these lady killers …..

Women’s High Heel Neo Victorian Pumps

I do love the ankle cuff on these shoes even though it isn’t really Victorian, the styling is very much in keeping with Victorian fashion however.

The lace up part of the cuff is gorgeous and having a Cameo feature on it which again was a very popular piece of Victorian jewelry.

More Steampunk Shoes for Ladies

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes!

 Custom Steampunk Metallic Plated-heel Ankle Bootie Gothic Steampunk Metal Skeleton Heeled Pumps Women’s Sexy Steampunk Style Peep Toe Pumps Women’s Icon Heel Ankle Bootie Women’s Steampunk Front Zipper Open Toe Sandal Women’s Spiked Open Toe Steampunk Shoes

Steampunk Shoes | Steampunk Boots

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Steampunk Jewelry

A Cool Way to Add Some Steampunk to Your Day

Steampunk JewelryOne of my favorite pieces of steampunk fashion is the jewelry – you can wear a steampunk pendant or bracelet with some pretty standard clothes like a blouse and jeans or even more conservative office attaire. This adds a touch of personality to an outfit without looking like you’re about to go to a cosplay convention.

I’ve selected a few different pieces of steampunk jewelry that you can purchase here –

Steampunk FIRE Necklace in purple

I love this pendant which is available in four different colors – as purple’s my favorite color it’s the one I’ve decided to show you here!

This pendant actually glows thanks to an led light which makes it look very mystical. This pendant is perfect for wearing out in the evening and totally transforms any outfit.

Anguistralobe Alchemy Astrolabe Pendant

This pendant is from Alchemy of England and although I don’t have this particular pendant myself I have to say that I love jewelry from this company who specializes in Gothic and Steampunk jewelry.

Their attention to detail with their designs leads of pieces of jewelry that always get positive comments from anyone that sees it.

Steampunk Antique Copper Cuff Bracelet

I love cuff style bracelets like this one. I haven’t actually seen this bracelet in real life and it’s referred to as a costume piece so how well it would hold up to every day use is debatable. The reviews that I have seen on a couple of sites (including Amazon) seem to be divided on the quality.

Personally I only wear cuffs when I’m going out as opposed to all day so it would probably be fine for me, but if you’re looking at wearing it all the time – be warned that it might not be up to that much wear.

Of course one of the best things about steampunk jewelry is that it’s fun to make your own and this is what a vast majority of ‘confirmed steampunkers’ actually do.

There are lots of different ways in which you can make your own steampunk jewelry and I’ve found a couple of videos on Youtube that you might find interesting if you want to try jewelry making yourself. A word of warning though jewelry making can become addictive (I actually had to run a market store for a while to ‘get rid’ of some of the jewelry I’d made!).

More Steampunk Jewelry To Buy

Ready Made Steampunk Jewelry to Wear Now!

 Victorian Skeleton Key Steampunk Cuff Bracelet Steampunk Gear Dial Steampunk Pendant Steampunk Gear Dial Yin Yang Steampunk Pendant Steampunk Octopus Necklace Silver Heart Gear Steampunk Necklace 3D Owl Moon Clock Gear Cog Steampunk Necklace


Steampunk Jewelry, Steampunk pendants, bracelets and more

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Steampunk Corsets

Corsets – Putting the Steam into Steampunk Costumes for Women!

Steampunk corsets
Click to Buy This Corset!

As Steampunk enthusiasts would know the steam part of the word is a nod to Victorian times when steam was king in the technological world and where ladies wore corsets to make their figures look impressive under their dresses. The punk part of steampunk covers a lot of different elements including wearing a corset as outerwear, something our female Victorian ancestors would find simply scandalous I’m sure!

There are quite a few great looking corsets that you can use to help bring your steampunk fashion outfit to life including the brown underbust corset featured here. If you go for a fairly plain looking, faux leather underbust corset like the one pictured you could get double use out of it. This corset would look great as part of an adventurous steampunk lady’s outfit as well as part of a swashbuckling pirate maiden’s costume!

Underbust Corsets

Great for Steampunk or Pirate Outfits

The underbust corset can look great over a blouse to compliment either a pirate outfit when accompanied with trousers and a swashbuckling swagger. For a steampunk outfit you can also wear one of these over a blouse along with a Victorian style bustle skirt and a pair of goggles or a piece of cool steampunk jewelry.

Before deciding on what style of corset you want to wear I would recommend trying one on as the underbust corset doesn’t suit everyone. I love the look personally, but as someone with a top heavy figure the underbust corset just doesn’t suit me. If you’ve tried on a couple of different styles and you’ve decided this is the one for you then I have the brown one pictured in the introduction available for you or a black one below that you can choose from.

Faux Leather Steel Boned Underbust Corset Black

This corset does lace up at the back, but I love the buckle detailing at the front which I think gives it a bit of an edgier feel to it.

Steampunk is all about adventure and the lady who wears a corset like this will certainly look like she’s ready to take on whatever get’s thrown in her way!

Corset Style Belts

Alternatives for the Underbust Corset

If you really don’t want to wear a longline corset or a bustier, but the underbust corsets don’t suit you a corset style cincher belt might be a good alternative for you.

The black and brown belts featured below can look good as part of a steampunk costume as they have the look of a lace up corset. Personally I would choose a full corset or bustier for my outfit, but I have seen quite a number of gorgeous looking steampunk fashions that use belts similar to these.

 Lace-up Corset Style Elastic Cinch Belt -COFFEE Black Lace-up Corset Style Elastic Cinch Belt -BLACK

Steampunk Corset Set

Corset, Jacket & Belt – Perfect for a Steampunk Costume

 Steampunk Corset Set – Corset, Jacket and Belt

This is a great corset set if you’re looking for something to make your steampunk outfit stand out from the rest. This style is available in a few different colors and I have to say I absolutely love it.

It features a corset made of brown brocade with black faux leather trim that is absolutely amazing in looks. With this corset comes what the manufacturers call a jacket, but I would call it a shrug personally. It’s made to match the corset beautifully and even has a lace up back like the corset which I think is a really neat touch.

The final part of this ‘set’ is a belt which really helps to pull everything together. Combining this with a matching brown bustle skirt and a cool hairstyle would create a gorgeous picture of steampunk fashion at it’s best.

A Range of Steampunk Corsets

Longline Corsets, Full Corsets or Bustiers in an Array of Colors

When you are looking for a corset to complete your steampunk outfit it’s not just the style you have to decide upon, but what color you’re after as well. Most people will think of brown or black for their corset, but I have to tell you I have seen some awesome steampunk fashions which include green corsets and deep red corsets as well so let’s have a look at the range of corsets available for you to buy.

Of course if you can’t find the corset you want here you can always make your own as there are lots of corset patterns available to purchase on Amazon – start off with a Victorian corset pattern, find the material you like and add different steampunk touches as you like from chains to buckles or even sewing some watch cogs on (or craft/jewelry ones) for detailing touches.

Brown Steampunk Inspired Corsets

Leather Corsets, Bustier Tops & More

There are quite a few different styles of corsets available in brown which I must admit is the first color I think of when I think of for a steampunk corset (although that is changing as I see some of the awesome costumes that people have created).

Women’s Buckle-up Steampunk Corset

With a lace-up back the buckles on the front of this corset does give it a sense of ‘punkish’ attitude and the halter neck adds some sex appeal to this corset.

Personally I also like the bottom side panels that also have the lacing detail – a nice touch that you don’t see on a lot of the other corsets available.

Steampunk Overbust Bustier

This bustier top is made from a lovely rich brocade which embraces the Victorian style really well. The buckles down the front of this corset combined with the chains on the side are details that really add a steampunk style to it.

The shaping of this bustier with it’s panels combined with the brocade material will add a real glamorous touch to your steampunk costume if you use this top.

Brown Steampunk Front Zip Up Steel Boned Corset

This faux leather corset has a lace up back with a zip up front. On a personal note I really am not a fan of zips at the front of a corset and I don’t really think it suits steampunk, but I know some people like the style which is why I’ve included this one. At least the chains that are used for detailing on this corset help to give it a steampunk flavor and detracts from the zip a little.

On a positive note the pleating at the front can be very flattering to some figures.

Steampunk Steel Boned Corset With Buckle Detail

This steel boned corset is made with a really heavy material and one look at it makes you feel it’s rugged enough to take on any adventures you plan on going on – add a skirt and a pair of Doc Martens and you could take on the world!

This is for the no-nonsense adventurer, not content with simply travelling on that airship, the lady who wears this corset will be the captain!

Opulent Corsets for Your Steampunk Costume

The use of gold with brown gives a real Victorian vibe to a corset and when you add stripes, brocade and other details you can add a real sense of opulence to a corset like with these ones here –

 Gold Brown Striped Steampunk Corset Brown Jacquard Weave Fabric Overbust Corset Steel Boned Steampunk Overbust Corset

If you’re not sure how you feel about having vertical stripes on your corset let me assure you it is a pattern that is used quite often and can make a pleasant change from leather corsets or brocade corsets. Here’s two ways in which it’s been used by steampunkers –

Steampunk worlds Faire,

Steampunk Worlds Faire

Black Steampunk Corsets

There are certainly a lot of black corsets around, but looking for steampunk inspired ones does cut down on the number and once you’ve eliminated the underbust corset there are only a few different styles of corset available to choose from.

 Faux Leather Halter Collared Steampunk Corset Brocade Steampunk Corset with Chain Stud Steampunk Faux Leather Buckle-up Corset

When it comes to corsets you can use a very plain corset like the black one in the picture below and just use steampunk accessories to make your outfit come to life.

Steampunk Lady

Purple Steampunk Corset

 Women’s Steel Boned Steampunk Corset, Jacket, and Belt Purple

There are lots of different purple corsets available including underbust, overbust, plain purple, black and purple stripes and more. Out of all of them though I really like this corset set which is similar to the brown set above in that it’s a three piece set – corset, jacket and belt.

It laces up at the back and I like it even though it has a zip at the front. I think the use of the rivets and buckles and the pattern on the brocade make you almost not notice that it’s got the zip in the front and as I’ve already said a lot of people don’t mind zips in their corsets anyway!

Red Corsets

Beautiful Steampunk Fashion

When it comes to a red corset there are certainly a lot to choose from as red is a very racy color. When thinking of steampunk, however I tend to thing of rich reds and burgundy as opposed to pillar box red. Any shade can be used to great effect though and it’s all down to how else you put together your outfit.

Let’s have a look at the corsets I’ve found for you here …..

 Red Steampunk Corset with Jacket Women’s Striped Overbust Corset Women’s Burgundy Brocade Corset and Jacket

More Corsets for Your Steampunk Wardrobe

White, Green, Blue and More!

There are so many different colors you can choose from if you’re looking for a corset, it really does depend on the rest of your fashion ensemble as to which one will suit you best.

I’ve compiled a few more corsets here from bright blue or bright green(perfect for if you want to add a little cyber punk into your wardrobe as well or just for another twist on your steampunk fashion), to a very Victorian white corset and more –

 Steampunk Lace Overlay Overbust Corset Women’s Steampunk Overbust Corset Green Womens Victorian Bustier Boned Corset Top Cream and Brown Brocade Overbust Corset Steampunk Vintage Denim and Faux Leather Corset Victorian Steampunk Revolution Corset

Steampunk corsets

Steampunk Costumes – Pulling It All Together

You’ve Got a Corset – Now What?

Now that you’ve got the corset you want to wear, how on earth do you transform the rest of your outfit into a truly amazing piece of steampunk fashion?

There are lots of different options and these few photos will show you how other people have pulled off some great costume ideas that have incorporated a range of different styles and colors of corsets in them.

Steampunk SuperheroesSteampunk Lady in the 2010 Dragon*con Parade

Steampunk dog and owner @ Castlefest 2011

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Steampunk Clocks

Tell The Time in Steampunk Style!

Steampunk Clocks
Image adapted from Pixabay

I love the look of steampunk accents in a room, but a wall clock is just really special and takes the steampunk experience to a whole new level.

I love seeing all of the different types of cog designs that make up some of the steampunk clocks I’ve seen.

If you prefer a more ‘conventional’ nod to steampunk you can also find round or square clocks with a steampunk art inspired face which still add that certain ‘edge’ to a room in a more understated fashion.

Open Dial Resin Clock

I absolutely love the look of this clock, it has an openness about it with how the numbers are laid out combined with steampunk infused decor in the middle with the cog details. The antique gold coloring on the resin makes the clock seem as though it’s from another era.

I should mention that the cogs in the center are merely decorative and do not move, but I don’t think they have to as the clock looks good just how it is.

 Infinity Instruments Gear – Open Dial Resin Clock

This wall clock is what I call a statement piece without being to avante garde! It’s the type of clock I could get away with putting up in any of the living areas in my home without my husband (who’s taste is more conservative than mine) looking at it and trying to think of a way of saying – can we put that in your office? I’m not sure it looks right here!

Heart Shaped Steampunk Clock

A Perfect Timepiece for the Bedroom

This clock is unashamedly steampunk and doesn’t care who knows it! It would look great in an office with dark wooden paneling (or have I been watching too many period dramas?), but even better than that I think the heart shape makes it perfect for a master bedroom.

 Steampunk Wall Clock Heart Pierced Cupid Gearwork Painted Resin

I love how this design has incorporated a brick red color in it which seems to suggest a deep and suppressed passion and works exceedingly well with the bronze colored resin components.

Incorporating cogs, gears as well as an arrow through the heart shape makes this a very romantic looking clock that would not only be great as a accessory in a marital bedroom, but would also be a pretty cool gift idea for a romantic partner who loves all things steampunk.

I think the heart shaped clock goes perfectly with how Jake von Slatt visualizes steampunk……..

To some ‘steampunk’ is a catchall term, a concept in search of a visual identity. To me, it’s essentially the intersection of technology and romance.

Jake von Slatt

Of course the heart shaped steampunk clock may not suit all people and in fact there’s even a quote I can use for those of you who don’t like it …..

A clockwork heart can’t replace the real thing.

Dru Pagliassotti, Clockwork Heart

More Steampunk Clocks

If my two first choices of clocks haven’t got your steampunk juices racing then perhaps you’ll prefer one of these timepieces.

Although you don’t actually need a wall clock to bring a taste of steampunk into a room (after all you could use artwork or other accents) it does pay to remember what Voltaire said.

“I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.”

With that quote alone I feel that any steampunk inspired home decor needs a clock of some description whether it’s one of these wall clocks or a table clock or even a grandfather clock.

Bronze Finish Steampunk Wall Clock

This clock has been hand painted in bronze, black and brick red to add a lovely old, distressed look to it.

Running on a single AA battery this wall clock looks the part beautifully and even has a thermometer at the bottom which is a nice touch allowing you to dress for the right temperature before leaving the house for your daily adventure!

Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk Wall Clock

Made of cold cast resin this is part of the Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk collection – if you’ve been looking at steampunk goodies for a while you’ve probably seen the name as he has a number of items that are awesome for any steampunker including some great weapons.

This wall clock has been beautifully hand painted in silver, gold and copper enamel paint which has a lovely effect on the finished product.

Click Clock Antiques Finished Metal Wall Decor

I love the look of this clock as it has a very unique feel to it and is right in keeping with steampunk fashion. After reading a comment by a reviewer, however I got my tape measure out and I’d advise you to make sure you’re aware that it’s a small clock.

I think this would be much better on a larger scale, but it really depends on whereabouts in your home you want to have it – if I was still living in my last house I would’ve had the perfect spot, for my current house I think it might feel ‘lost’ on the wall that the design would look good on.

It might be time for me to try my hand at clockmaking though because the design is really eyecatching!

Zazzle have created some great opportunities for a more conservative approach to adding steampunk flavor to your decor with these clocks. Basically they have incorporated art designs to the back of wall clocks that are like steampunk posters. This could be a great compromise if your household includes steampunkers and non-steampunkers or if you’re new to the genre and aren’t quite sure how far you want to take your home decorating.

These clocks run on a AA battery and the design is actually printed using what is called an AcriliPrint HD Process that has received rave reviews from customers for the clear and vibrant look of the images. That’s enough about the ‘boring’ technical details, let’s look at the cool designs instead!

These first three are all based around cogs (I especially like the look of the mechanical heart).

Steampunk Watch Gears Round Wall ClockSteampunk Rusty Gears ClockSteampunk Mechanical Heart Clock

If you don’t like the look of these three I’ve found a few more wall clocks that you might like instead.   Of course if you’re like me you might have problems narrowing it down to just one clock so I’d like to remind you that it’s okay to have more than one clock in your home!

Steampunk Round ClockHot Air Balloon ClockSteampunk Wall ClockSteampunk Wall ClockTime Wall ClocksTic Tac Round Wall Clock

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my selection of steampunk clocks, the steampunk culture also loves pocket watches and these are often used in costumes. Personally I love the pocket watches that have been re-purposed into pendants as they add a lovely touch to just about any outfit.

I also think that a nice grandfather or grandmother clock can look very nice in a steampunk home – I can remember my great aunt’s grandmother clock vividly from when I stayed with her as a child and I have always visualized myself owning one (still working on that at the moment).

I haven’t added any table clocks to this page, but in reality they do look awesome on a mantle and are probably more in keeping with steampunk than a wall clock. When it comes to home decor in general though I think a wall clock is a great way of adding some personality to a wall which is why I’ve chosen to spotlight them here.

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Steampunk Hairstyles | Steampunk Wigs

Creating Your Steampunk Hairstyle

Steampunk Hairstyles and Steampunk WigsIf you’ve decided on your Steampunk costume and have all of your accessories sorted you’ll be left wondering what to do with your hair. Exactly what is Steampunk hair anyway? Well as Steampunk is a fantasy era in other words it never actually existed then the hair can be whatever you want it to be!

Generally, however, Steampunk hairstyles are seen as vintage dos with a modern or futuristic twist to it. The twist can come from hair accessories, hair color or adding another element of style to the hair.

Let’s have a look for some Steampunk hair inspiration and failing that I’ve also found some great Steampunk wigs which you could use instead!

Victorian Hairstyles

Steampunk Inspiration

I’ve decided to look at a few Victorian hairstyles here as Steampunk use the Victorian era as one of it’s inspirations.

 Victorian Hairstyles Victorian Hairstyles

As you can see from these hairstyles the Victorians liked to wear their hair up, ringlets were popular as well as ribbons and hair accessories.

Now you can see with some of the Victorian hairstyles above the ladies are wearing hats and you can do the same here with ringlets or braids on both sides of your head and a steampunk hat perched on top.

Exactly how do you achieve some of these Victorian style hair dos anyway? Well I always think it’s easier to see how to do it than follow written instructions when it comes to your hair so check out this video for a cool look.

This particular hair do can be worn just is or you can add a hat (see above for a great selection) or even some Steampunk hair accessories. When she pulls her hair up through to create a roll effect I have another option for you below….

2pcs Topsy Tail Style Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool

I simply have the larger piece in this two piece set (pictured) and I use it to create the side rolls (like in the video) and I find it a lot easier.

The great thing about this set is that it also comes with instructions for lots of other hairstyles – I haven’t tried any of the other styles as my tool didn’t come with an instruction sheet like this set does.

Please note it is a two piece set, not 6 as pictured, they’re just showing you the different colors available – I’m pretty boring and just have black!

More Hair Style Instructions

Here are a couple more videos with great ideas for hair dos from rag curls to a Downton Abbey look.

Steampunk Hair Accessories

There are lots of different types of Steampunk inspired hair accessories that you can use whether you have short or long hair. You can look on sites such as Etsy or eBay for a range of different Steampunk inspired clips.

Personally, I like some of the combs that are available which are sometimes listed under Steampunk and sometimes under Gothic. A haircomb seems more in keeping with Victorian/Edwardian hairstyles, but with more of a ‘punk’ attitude that you get from some of the pewter or crystal Gothic style combs. Sometimes you can find the perfect combinations, othertimes you just have to make your own….

 Steampunk Gear Hair Comb Russian Jade Cameo Victorian Hair Comb Filigree hair comb with with oval glass cabochons Steampunk Inspired Bronze Spider Hair Fork Steampunk Octopus Headband hair jewelry Bronze Steampunk Octopus Hair Fork


Make Your Own Steampunk Hair Accessories

Of course part of the fun of the Steampunk costume is making parts of it yourself so why not make your own Steampunk hair accessory? I’ve found a video to show you how easy it is to make Steampunk bobby pins and you can use the same techniques to make combs and hair sticks as well.

Steampunk Hairstyles for Short Hair

Every Steampunk hairstyle you read about seems to be about having long hair because Steampunk is based on Victorian and Edwardian science fiction and ladies of that era had long hair. What people seem to be missing, however, is that it is based in fantasy which means that any hair can do.

The style is called Steam punk so why not rock the punk part of that with short, spiky hair? I have seen some very plain short hairstyles coming to life with a cool hat and other people have just dyed their short hair an outrageous color so that it has a very futuristic feel to it – think bright blue and neon pink!

Of course another option is always a wig and there are certainly some cool Steampunk wigs available on the market these days.

 Apocalypse Dreads Wig, Brown/Blonde/Red, One Size

This Apocalypse Dreads wig is a style that a number of people have seemed to embrace which is taking the futuristic part of the Steampunk fantasy to the forefront.

I do love the ‘tri-color’ braids, this wig covers brunettes, blondes and redheads! It’s hard to envisage it without the eye patch and aviator goggles though.

To me it says Mad Max as opposed to Victorian sci fi, but then I’ll admit I prefer one of the wigs below so I’m a little biased. I’d love to hear which is your favorite in the comments below.

 Steampunk Burgundy Pigtail Wig

This sassy looking pigtail look can look awesome with a Steampunk costume – I personally love this wig in blonde myself. I’ll freely admit that this is my favorite out of these wigs for a cool Steampunk costume, although with long hair myself I don’t usually wear a wig.

I love the fullness of it, Steampunk is a great excuse to go for ‘big hair’ don’t you think?

 Smiffy’s Women’s Long and Curly Auburn Wig with Bangs, One Size, Steampunk Wig, 5020570357552

This long, luxurious looking auburn wig looks stunning if you’re after a long haired look with your costume – wear the wig as it is or add a cool top hat onto it as well.

It’s certainly more ‘steam’ than punk, but it would’ve been quite scandalous for a ‘lady’ to be seen with her hair down as opposed to up unless she was a saloon girl or something like that!

I do like the auburn color for Steampunk hair, not sure why, but this is certainly one of the more popular wigs that people choose to complete their costumes.

More Steampunk Hairstyles to Enjoy

Hair with Steampunk Flair!

There’s a great pinterest board that is dedicated to hairstyles for Steampunk fans and is well worth a look, here’s a few looks from it –

Follow Louanne Cox’s board Steampunk Inspired Hair on Pinterest.

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