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Creating Your Steampunk Hairstyle

Steampunk Hairstyles and Steampunk WigsIf you’ve decided on your Steampunk costume and have all of your accessories sorted you’ll be left wondering what to do with your hair. Exactly what is Steampunk hair anyway? Well as Steampunk is a fantasy era in other words it never actually existed then the hair can be whatever you want it to be!

Generally, however, Steampunk hairstyles are seen as vintage dos with a modern or futuristic twist to it. The twist can come from hair accessories, hair color or adding another element of style to the hair.

Let’s have a look for some Steampunk hair inspiration and failing that I’ve also found some great Steampunk wigs which you could use instead!

Victorian Hairstyles

Steampunk Inspiration

I’ve decided to look at a few Victorian hairstyles here as Steampunk use the Victorian era as one of it’s inspirations.

 Victorian Hairstyles Victorian Hairstyles

As you can see from these hairstyles the Victorians liked to wear their hair up, ringlets were popular as well as ribbons and hair accessories.

Now you can see with some of the Victorian hairstyles above the ladies are wearing hats and you can do the same here with ringlets or braids on both sides of your head and a steampunk hat perched on top.

Exactly how do you achieve some of these Victorian style hair dos anyway? Well I always think it’s easier to see how to do it than follow written instructions when it comes to your hair so check out this video for a cool look.

This particular hair do can be worn just is or you can add a hat (see above for a great selection) or even some Steampunk hair accessories. When she pulls her hair up through to create a roll effect I have another option for you below….

2pcs Topsy Tail Style Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool

I simply have the larger piece in this two piece set (pictured) and I use it to create the side rolls (like in the video) and I find it a lot easier.

The great thing about this set is that it also comes with instructions for lots of other hairstyles – I haven’t tried any of the other styles as my tool didn’t come with an instruction sheet like this set does.

Please note it is a two piece set, not 6 as pictured, they’re just showing you the different colors available – I’m pretty boring and just have black!

More Hair Style Instructions

Here are a couple more videos with great ideas for hair dos from rag curls to a Downton Abbey look.

Steampunk Hair Accessories

There are lots of different types of Steampunk inspired hair accessories that you can use whether you have short or long hair. You can look on sites such as Etsy or eBay for a range of different Steampunk inspired clips.

Personally, I like some of the combs that are available which are sometimes listed under Steampunk and sometimes under Gothic. A haircomb seems more in keeping with Victorian/Edwardian hairstyles, but with more of a ‘punk’ attitude that you get from some of the pewter or crystal Gothic style combs. Sometimes you can find the perfect combinations, othertimes you just have to make your own….

 Steampunk Gear Hair Comb Russian Jade Cameo Victorian Hair Comb Filigree hair comb with with oval glass cabochons Steampunk Inspired Bronze Spider Hair Fork Steampunk Octopus Headband hair jewelry Bronze Steampunk Octopus Hair Fork


Make Your Own Steampunk Hair Accessories

Of course part of the fun of the Steampunk costume is making parts of it yourself so why not make your own Steampunk hair accessory? I’ve found a video to show you how easy it is to make Steampunk bobby pins and you can use the same techniques to make combs and hair sticks as well.

Steampunk Hairstyles for Short Hair

Every Steampunk hairstyle you read about seems to be about having long hair because Steampunk is based on Victorian and Edwardian science fiction and ladies of that era had long hair. What people seem to be missing, however, is that it is based in fantasy which means that any hair can do.

The style is called Steam punk so why not rock the punk part of that with short, spiky hair? I have seen some very plain short hairstyles coming to life with a cool hat and other people have just dyed their short hair an outrageous color so that it has a very futuristic feel to it – think bright blue and neon pink!

Of course another option is always a wig and there are certainly some cool Steampunk wigs available on the market these days.

 Apocalypse Dreads Wig, Brown/Blonde/Red, One Size

This Apocalypse Dreads wig is a style that a number of people have seemed to embrace which is taking the futuristic part of the Steampunk fantasy to the forefront.

I do love the ‘tri-color’ braids, this wig covers brunettes, blondes and redheads! It’s hard to envisage it without the eye patch and aviator goggles though.

To me it says Mad Max as opposed to Victorian sci fi, but then I’ll admit I prefer one of the wigs below so I’m a little biased. I’d love to hear which is your favorite in the comments below.

 Steampunk Burgundy Pigtail Wig

This sassy looking pigtail look can look awesome with a Steampunk costume – I personally love this wig in blonde myself. I’ll freely admit that this is my favorite out of these wigs for a cool Steampunk costume, although with long hair myself I don’t usually wear a wig.

I love the fullness of it, Steampunk is a great excuse to go for ‘big hair’ don’t you think?

 Smiffy’s Women’s Long and Curly Auburn Wig with Bangs, One Size, Steampunk Wig, 5020570357552

This long, luxurious looking auburn wig looks stunning if you’re after a long haired look with your costume – wear the wig as it is or add a cool top hat onto it as well.

It’s certainly more ‘steam’ than punk, but it would’ve been quite scandalous for a ‘lady’ to be seen with her hair down as opposed to up unless she was a saloon girl or something like that!

I do like the auburn color for Steampunk hair, not sure why, but this is certainly one of the more popular wigs that people choose to complete their costumes.

More Steampunk Hairstyles to Enjoy

Hair with Steampunk Flair!

There’s a great pinterest board that is dedicated to hairstyles for Steampunk fans and is well worth a look, here’s a few looks from it –

Follow Louanne Cox’s board Steampunk Inspired Hair on Pinterest.

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