I love Steampunk and I’m not alone with people all over the world embracing this ‘sub-culture’, but what exactly is Steampunk?  It actually started in fictional books and is basically the idea of the future (like science fiction) through the eyes of the Victorian era which is why the technology is run by steam (computers weren’t thought of way back then) and why airships (brave new technology) feature strongly as the adventurers choice of travel.

I haven’t really embraced Steampunk fiction, I also don’t really read science fiction though, but I do enjoy both when it comes to movies. Think of Will Smith in Wild, Wild West and you’re thinking of a Steampunk movie.

Why do I love Steampunk? Well I love the Steampunk fashions and also the art work and other Steampunk inspired home accessories as I think they’re just cool. I don’t get carried away by the theory behind the culture I just like the look ……. If that makes me sound shallow then so be it!

Steampunk Fashion

Now steampunk fashion is usually a melding of Victorian fashion with touches of punk added to it, although different people interpret this in different ways. A lot of people will add a pair of goggles to an outfit and call it Steampunk, but by itself that isn’t really enough. Steampunk is a bit like punk – you know it when you see it, but you can’t always explain all of the different interpretations of it.

Steampunk in the Home

Home Accessories That Really Stand Out From The Crowd!

Adding some Steampunk flavor to your home is always a lot of fun as part of Steampunk is incorporating little unexpected touches.

There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate a little Steampunk into your interior design from displaying some of your Steampunk weapons to Steampunk artwork on the walls.

Enjoy expoloring the world of Steampunk with me on this site as well as ideas on one of my Steampunk Pinterest boards below.


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