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Steampunk corsets
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As Steampunk enthusiasts would know the steam part of the word is a nod to Victorian times when steam was king in the technological world and where ladies wore corsets to make their figures look impressive under their dresses. The punk part of steampunk covers a lot of different elements including wearing a corset as outerwear, something our female Victorian ancestors would find simply scandalous I’m sure!

There are quite a few great looking corsets that you can use to help bring your steampunk fashion outfit to life including the brown underbust corset featured here. If you go for a fairly plain looking, faux leather underbust corset like the one pictured you could get double use out of it. This corset would look great as part of an adventurous steampunk lady’s outfit as well as part of a swashbuckling pirate maiden’s costume!

Underbust Corsets

Great for Steampunk or Pirate Outfits

The underbust corset can look great over a blouse to compliment either a pirate outfit when accompanied with trousers and a swashbuckling swagger. For a steampunk outfit you can also wear one of these over a blouse along with a Victorian style bustle skirt and a pair of goggles or a piece of cool steampunk jewelry.

Before deciding on what style of corset you want to wear I would recommend trying one on as the underbust corset doesn’t suit everyone. I love the look personally, but as someone with a top heavy figure the underbust corset just doesn’t suit me. If you’ve tried on a couple of different styles and you’ve decided this is the one for you then I have the brown one pictured in the introduction available for you or a black one below that you can choose from.

Faux Leather Steel Boned Underbust Corset Black

This corset does lace up at the back, but I love the buckle detailing at the front which I think gives it a bit of an edgier feel to it.

Steampunk is all about adventure and the lady who wears a corset like this will certainly look like she’s ready to take on whatever get’s thrown in her way!

Corset Style Belts

Alternatives for the Underbust Corset

If you really don’t want to wear a longline corset or a bustier, but the underbust corsets don’t suit you a corset style cincher belt might be a good alternative for you.

The black and brown belts featured below can look good as part of a steampunk costume as they have the look of a lace up corset. Personally I would choose a full corset or bustier for my outfit, but I have seen quite a number of gorgeous looking steampunk fashions that use belts similar to these.

 Lace-up Corset Style Elastic Cinch Belt -COFFEE Black Lace-up Corset Style Elastic Cinch Belt -BLACK

Steampunk Corset Set

Corset, Jacket & Belt – Perfect for a Steampunk Costume

 Steampunk Corset Set – Corset, Jacket and Belt

This is a great corset set if you’re looking for something to make your steampunk outfit stand out from the rest. This style is available in a few different colors and I have to say I absolutely love it.

It features a corset made of brown brocade with black faux leather trim that is absolutely amazing in looks. With this corset comes what the manufacturers call a jacket, but I would call it a shrug personally. It’s made to match the corset beautifully and even has a lace up back like the corset which I think is a really neat touch.

The final part of this ‘set’ is a belt which really helps to pull everything together. Combining this with a matching brown bustle skirt and a cool hairstyle would create a gorgeous picture of steampunk fashion at it’s best.

A Range of Steampunk Corsets

Longline Corsets, Full Corsets or Bustiers in an Array of Colors

When you are looking for a corset to complete your steampunk outfit it’s not just the style you have to decide upon, but what color you’re after as well. Most people will think of brown or black for their corset, but I have to tell you I have seen some awesome steampunk fashions which include green corsets and deep red corsets as well so let’s have a look at the range of corsets available for you to buy.

Of course if you can’t find the corset you want here you can always make your own as there are lots of corset patterns available to purchase on Amazon – start off with a Victorian corset pattern, find the material you like and add different steampunk touches as you like from chains to buckles or even sewing some watch cogs on (or craft/jewelry ones) for detailing touches.

Brown Steampunk Inspired Corsets

Leather Corsets, Bustier Tops & More

There are quite a few different styles of corsets available in brown which I must admit is the first color I think of when I think of for a steampunk corset (although that is changing as I see some of the awesome costumes that people have created).

Women’s Buckle-up Steampunk Corset

With a lace-up back the buckles on the front of this corset does give it a sense of ‘punkish’ attitude and the halter neck adds some sex appeal to this corset.

Personally I also like the bottom side panels that also have the lacing detail – a nice touch that you don’t see on a lot of the other corsets available.

Steampunk Overbust Bustier

This bustier top is made from a lovely rich brocade which embraces the Victorian style really well. The buckles down the front of this corset combined with the chains on the side are details that really add a steampunk style to it.

The shaping of this bustier with it’s panels combined with the brocade material will add a real glamorous touch to your steampunk costume if you use this top.

Brown Steampunk Front Zip Up Steel Boned Corset

This faux leather corset has a lace up back with a zip up front. On a personal note I really am not a fan of zips at the front of a corset and I don’t really think it suits steampunk, but I know some people like the style which is why I’ve included this one. At least the chains that are used for detailing on this corset help to give it a steampunk flavor and detracts from the zip a little.

On a positive note the pleating at the front can be very flattering to some figures.

Steampunk Steel Boned Corset With Buckle Detail

This steel boned corset is made with a really heavy material and one look at it makes you feel it’s rugged enough to take on any adventures you plan on going on – add a skirt and a pair of Doc Martens and you could take on the world!

This is for the no-nonsense adventurer, not content with simply travelling on that airship, the lady who wears this corset will be the captain!

Opulent Corsets for Your Steampunk Costume

The use of gold with brown gives a real Victorian vibe to a corset and when you add stripes, brocade and other details you can add a real sense of opulence to a corset like with these ones here –

 Gold Brown Striped Steampunk Corset Brown Jacquard Weave Fabric Overbust Corset Steel Boned Steampunk Overbust Corset

If you’re not sure how you feel about having vertical stripes on your corset let me assure you it is a pattern that is used quite often and can make a pleasant change from leather corsets or brocade corsets. Here’s two ways in which it’s been used by steampunkers –

Steampunk worlds Faire,

Steampunk Worlds Faire

Black Steampunk Corsets

There are certainly a lot of black corsets around, but looking for steampunk inspired ones does cut down on the number and once you’ve eliminated the underbust corset there are only a few different styles of corset available to choose from.

 Faux Leather Halter Collared Steampunk Corset Brocade Steampunk Corset with Chain Stud Steampunk Faux Leather Buckle-up Corset

When it comes to corsets you can use a very plain corset like the black one in the picture below and just use steampunk accessories to make your outfit come to life.

Steampunk Lady

Purple Steampunk Corset

 Women’s Steel Boned Steampunk Corset, Jacket, and Belt Purple

There are lots of different purple corsets available including underbust, overbust, plain purple, black and purple stripes and more. Out of all of them though I really like this corset set which is similar to the brown set above in that it’s a three piece set – corset, jacket and belt.

It laces up at the back and I like it even though it has a zip at the front. I think the use of the rivets and buckles and the pattern on the brocade make you almost not notice that it’s got the zip in the front and as I’ve already said a lot of people don’t mind zips in their corsets anyway!

Red Corsets

Beautiful Steampunk Fashion

When it comes to a red corset there are certainly a lot to choose from as red is a very racy color. When thinking of steampunk, however I tend to thing of rich reds and burgundy as opposed to pillar box red. Any shade can be used to great effect though and it’s all down to how else you put together your outfit.

Let’s have a look at the corsets I’ve found for you here …..

 Red Steampunk Corset with Jacket Women’s Striped Overbust Corset Women’s Burgundy Brocade Corset and Jacket

More Corsets for Your Steampunk Wardrobe

White, Green, Blue and More!

There are so many different colors you can choose from if you’re looking for a corset, it really does depend on the rest of your fashion ensemble as to which one will suit you best.

I’ve compiled a few more corsets here from bright blue or bright green(perfect for if you want to add a little cyber punk into your wardrobe as well or just for another twist on your steampunk fashion), to a very Victorian white corset and more –

 Steampunk Lace Overlay Overbust Corset Women’s Steampunk Overbust Corset Green Womens Victorian Bustier Boned Corset Top Cream and Brown Brocade Overbust Corset Steampunk Vintage Denim and Faux Leather Corset Victorian Steampunk Revolution Corset

Steampunk corsets

Steampunk Costumes – Pulling It All Together

You’ve Got a Corset – Now What?

Now that you’ve got the corset you want to wear, how on earth do you transform the rest of your outfit into a truly amazing piece of steampunk fashion?

There are lots of different options and these few photos will show you how other people have pulled off some great costume ideas that have incorporated a range of different styles and colors of corsets in them.

Steampunk SuperheroesSteampunk Lady in the 2010 Dragon*con Parade

Steampunk dog and owner @ Castlefest 2011

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