Steampunk Jackets for Men

Steampunk Jackets for MenA Steampunk jacket or Steampunk coat is a great starting point for when you’re looking at putting together a men’s Steampunk costume.

There are a few different options you can go with from a long duster coat to a Victorian gentleman’s blazer or even a military style jacket.   You just have to decide on what style of Steampunker you want to be.

Couple your coat or jacket with a shirt and/or vest, Victorian style trousers and accessorize with a hat, goggles and Steampunk boots.   Your adventure awaits…..

Long Steampunk Coats

Victorian Coats for an Aristocratic Gentleman

A decadent Victorian coat is the best kind of Steampunk jacket to choose if you’re going for an aristocratic Steampunk gentleman. The first one of these coats that I’ve found for you has the aristocratic swallow tails that were worn by Victorian & neo Victorian gentleman to special occasions from a night at the opera to a wedding.

When choosing a long coat/jacket you still want freedom of movement which is why a swallow tail dress coat is a great choice. Originally developed to allow gentlemen to more easily ride a horse it also helps you to jump into hot air balloon baskets while on one of your thrilling Steampunk adventures.

The second option is a Victorian 4 piece tuxedo long coat which also has a swallow tail. It also comes with a false vest set which is a nice touch, it has a dark romantic Goth vibe to it as well which can be good for the Steampunk man of mystery look.

The third option that I’ve selected for you is an Inverness Dress Coat which reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and is definitely a Victorian themed cloak coat that suggests you’ll be solving mysteries during your adventures.

 Steampunk Men’s Grim Long Coat with Swallow Tail Elegant Aristocrat Victorian False 4pcs Tuxedo Long Coat Historical Emporium Men’s 100% Wool Inverness Dress Cloak Gray / Black

Full Length Men’s Steampunk Coat

The Steampunk Duster Coat

 Men’s Steampunk Duster Coat, Black, One Size Costume

I always think of a duster coat as something from the wild, wild west which in my mind (due to watching lots of western movies growing up) means adventure.

As Steampunk is all about going on adventures then a Steampunk Duster coat certainly seems like a great idea don’t you think?

This duster coat is perfect for a men’s Steampunk costume as all you need to add to it is a hat, a belt, a pair of Steampunk boots and (if you wanted) a pair of goggles. Costume complete!

Military Inspired Steampunk Jackets for Men

Dress Like an Officer

If you like the military style then you could dress as though you were a member of the Imperial Air Force, commanding an airship and fighting for good.   A buttoned guard coat or a Steampunk Generals jacket are ideal for this look and I just so happen to have found a few ideas for you right here –

 Mens Double Breasted Slim Fit Jacket Blazer RED Steampunk General Men’s Ascot, Shirt & Jacket Banned Men’s Military Jacket in Black

The middle option is actually more than just a Steampunk jacket, it includes the shirt with attached vest and the hat. I had to include it because I do love the Steampunk General’s style of jacket and I haven’t been able to source it on it’s own.

The other two jackets are very military inspired and either would make a great basis for a Steampunk cosstume.

More Steampunk Jackets for Men

Men’s Steampunk Clothing Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your Steampunk style and brought your jacket/coat then you need to couple this with the rest of your costume from Victorian style trousers to boots and more.

A great little accessory for a perfect Steampunk costume for a guy is a pocket watch. Lots of people have the goggles and the gun power, but the pocket watch shows you’re a serious Steampunker in my opinion.

Before you go let me leave you with a few more Steampunk jackets to look at ……

 Steampunk Dandy Bias Victorian Wool Blend Coat for Man Steampunk Dandy Double-breasted Wool Blend Coat Man’s Slim fit 8 Button Front Blazer Jacket

All of these can be the basis for an absolutely fabulous Steampunk outfit, but of course you can always just buy a complete Steampunk ready to wear costume if you prefer!

Steampunk Jackets for Men

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