Victorian Walking Canes

Victorian Walking Canes
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Accessories can really add a lovely finishing touch to an outfit and these Victorian walking canes are just perfect!

Some people stress over the best steampunk weapon or hat and goggles to finish off their outfit, but a vintage walking cane is a great idea.

Many just don’t think of using a cane so you can add your unique style to your outfit whether you’re male of female.

These decorative walking canes are beautiful from the wooden hand carved canes to the brass handles and Gothic designs.   A perfect addition to your Steampunk wardrobe.

There are some beautiful Victorian walking sticks to choose from…..

 Victorian Era Glass Knob 37 Inch Wooden Walking Stick Victorian Walking Stick 37” Vintage Ebony Black Wooden Cane Cane in Natural Wood with a Brass Handle – Elegant Walking Cane Victorian Walking Stick Wooden Shaft Brass Handle 35 In. Vintage Victorian Style Solid Brass Handle Carved Twist Wood Walking Stick Nickel and Brass Big Scroll Victorian Style Cane

Although I usually only see Steampunk gentlemen sporting these canes I have seen a couple of ladies pull this accessory off with aplomb!

I do have to add two more walking sticks to this collection (seeing as this blog is about everything Steampunk) – a Steampunk cane. Not your traditional Victorian walking cane, but it still does the job beautifully and really can you have too many gears and cogs on your Steampunk accessories?

 Walking Cane Stick With Working Steam Engine Model Steampunk Cane

Vintage, Victorian Walking Canes

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