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Steampunk boots and shoesIf there’s one thing a lady needs it’s shoes and if you’re putting together a Steampunk outfit then you need to find that perfect Steampunk shoe – or boot. Exactly what is it that makes a shoe or boot Steampunk? Well after reading this page you’ll find some fabulous Steampunk footwear and all of your questions should be answered!

Steampunk is in essence a celebration of an alternative history where steam not computers is king, it has it’s origins in Victorian era science fiction and so incorporates a lot of Industrial Revolution influences. As a movement, however, Steampunk actually has it’s roots in the 1980s not the 1880s and so we see this influence in the use of stiletto heels.

The Steampunk boot and Steampunk shoe featured in this introduction image are great examples of Steampunk footwear so buckle yourself in as we look for the perfect footwear to match your Steampunk outfit.

Victorian Boots

Victorian Boots are Great Components of Steampunk Fashion

 Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Victorian-Black

If you’re looking for a plain pair of boots that you can wear with other clothes as well as with your Steampunk wardrobe then you should consider getting some Victorian Granny boots.

This pair is a classic design which can be worn well with jeans, skirts or to complete your Seampunk costume. When I was a teen during the 80s we used to call this style Granny boots, these days we call them vintage!

The thick 2.5” heel is very Victorian in feel and it’s plain enough to be used for a Steampunk lady, Steampunk pirate or Steampunk adventurer.

The rounded toes also help to make these a pair of boots that you can wear all day without getting sore feet which is always handy – although we do suffer for fashion, isn’t it nice when we don’t have to?

There are other Victorian style boots that you can get which are not plain as well and they include the gilded ones featured below as well as two toned ones, both styles really make a statement. Here’s a few that really wouldn’t be out of place as part of any Steampunk costume –

 Victorian Granny Boots Lace Accent Women’s Victorian-45 Boot,Gold/Black Women’s Flora-1023 Ankle Boot,White/Black Women’s Two Tone Victorian Boots Vivianna Red Womens Ankle Boots Women’s Lace Victorian Ankle Boot

Boots started off the Victorian era with small thick heels that looked like the gilded look boots as well as the classic black boots above, they also had rounded toes. Towards the 1890s was when we started to see higher heels emerging.

Unmistakably Steampunk Boots

Boots That Say I’m Steampunk & I’m Proud!

Wearing Victorian boots is all well and good, but what about some of the gorgeous Steampunk boots that are available? As Steampunk starts to weave it’s way into popular fashion cog by cog we’re starting to see more and more Steampunk boots becoming available commercially.

Steampunk boots are often recognized because of lots of straps (they just seem more adventurous that way!) and/or cogs and buckles being incorporated. The buckles stem from the Victorian influences again and the cogs are reminiscent of the machinery of the Industrial Revolution which changed the way society lived and made us imagine a future run on steam.

These are the Steampunk boots I’ve featured in the introduction image and a few more gorgeous examples…

 Steampunk Buckle Platform Boot

Although you can’t see from this image there’s actually a zip on the other side of the boot so that you can easily pull it on and off without having to undo all of these buckles and laces.

The cog detailing on the boot cuffs is what really highlights the Steampunk fashion side of these boots and it’s matched beautifully by the fabric on the inside which is also patterned in a cog design.

Moving onto the next pair of Gothic boots (below) – this clunky style of Steampunk ankle boots really say ‘don’t mess with me’ don’t they?

These boots are ideal for an adventurer costume where you want to portray capability and they really have a touch of punk attitude to them, along with the cog detailing that is.

This next pair of boots are mid calf Steampunk boots and (in my opinion) are perfect for a Steampunk pirate type of costume, the bronze sprocket gear detailing makes sure that these boots will definitely stand out from the crowd.

I love ankle boots as they are so versatile to wear with different costumes and these Steampunk ankle boots are no different.

These are a zip up boot which look really comfy (and reviewers have confirmed this). They have cog detailing which helps it stand out and even the fabric on the inside of the boot has a cog design on it which I really like.


 Chunky Heel Steampunk Ankle Boots Demonia Women’s Tesla Boots Women’s Steampunk Ankle Boot with Clogs

Steampunk Boot or Steampunk Shoe?

What About Having Both?

If you can’t decide whether or not you want to get a pair of boots or a pair of shoes for your Steampunk outfit then you’ll love these –

 Women’s Convertible Pump

These boots look absolutely gorgeous with the lace at the front, the vintage buckle, brass looking buckles on the sides and the corset style lace up back, but they also hide a surprise.

If you untie the laces at the back you can lift off the upper part of the boot to reveal a vintage style shoe underneath. The shoe still has the buckle detail on a Mary Jane style strap.

It’s certainly handy to have a pair of these that enable you to go from a Steampunk pirate costume to a Steampunk lady of the manor with only one pair of footwear, however if you really want more you can just keep scrolling down as I’ve discovered some utterly awesome shoes…..

Steampunk Shoes for Women

Now as the fashion industry is starting to take more and more notice of Steampunk there are lots of so called Steampunk shoes being released such as the stunning Ripley Peep Toe Steampunk Pump in Viper (often available on Amazon) which are gorgeous shoes, but really don’t say Steampunk at all.

So let’s look at some of the shoes that I think are Steampunk and we’ll start with the one I’ve featured in the introduction image –

 Steampunk Adult Shoes in brown Demonia by Pleaser Women’s Ballet Flat Women’s Tesla-03 Pump in Black

Victorian Inspired High Heel Shoes

Gorgeous Heels for Your Steampunk Wardrobe

I found a couple of high heel shoes that I feel are more inspired by Victorian fashion influences than the Industrial Revolution influences and I think they’re both gorgeous so if you don’t want a lot of cogs and steam powered influences check out these lady killers …..

Women’s High Heel Neo Victorian Pumps

I do love the ankle cuff on these shoes even though it isn’t really Victorian, the styling is very much in keeping with Victorian fashion however.

The lace up part of the cuff is gorgeous and having a Cameo feature on it which again was a very popular piece of Victorian jewelry.

More Steampunk Shoes for Ladies

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes!

 Custom Steampunk Metallic Plated-heel Ankle Bootie Gothic Steampunk Metal Skeleton Heeled Pumps Women’s Sexy Steampunk Style Peep Toe Pumps Women’s Icon Heel Ankle Bootie Women’s Steampunk Front Zipper Open Toe Sandal Women’s Spiked Open Toe Steampunk Shoes

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